Monday, October 22, 2012

I noticed that I have been having trouble with my short term memory these past months. It seems that it's getting harder and harder for me to remember things. Funny though that the thing I really want to forget I remember so vividly that new realizations would come to me all so suddenly and I'd be once again lost in the midst of sadness and regret.

But this post is not about what I want to forget. Rather, this is about what I want to remember, and I want to remember everything. Every single detail of things said, done, and witnessed I want to capture and preserve and go back to in case the early onset of alzheimer's attacks again. With this in mind, I'd try my best to update this almost forsaken blog with interesting and uninteresting tidbits of my life. This will also be a practice ground for me to polish up my writing. Since I am planning to go back to school, I'll need to do some hard core writing again soon, and I am jut not that prepared for such yet.

So, may I begin by saying I've been appreciated by some people lately on the account of my looks? Oh yeah! The least I could expect. Daig ko pa raw ang in love sa pagka-blooming. Well, thank you very much. But, may I just stress out that, yes, I am very much in love right now? I am in love with life. You see, life is just so full of things you can get attracted to if you just look at them at the right way - like what I am doing now. Someone asked me while we're having a disagreement over a proposed venue for our Christmas party if I'd have fun if we held the party in an unfavorable place. I said yes. I'd definitely enjoy wherever you put me in. It's not about the environment, the surrounding, nor the people you're with. You will enjoy if you psyched yourself to enjoy. And that's what I am doing and planning to do all the time. Give me lemons and I'll make you a lemonade. Give me a piece of paper and I'll make you a rose. That easy!