Tuesday, October 13, 2009

now and then

the first time i watched lea salonga's concert was in 2006 at the picc. and it's like - omg! i couldn't get enough of her then. i didn't want the night to end. if i could just sit there and listen to her voice the entire night, i would - but then i had to pay her big time-- hekhek... three years after, i had the opportunity to watch her again in the place i never though i ever would. she had a concert in bangkok and i didn't care if i had to travel 12 hours to and fro just to listen to her - which also meant sacrificing a badly needed weekend in a final exams month. well, it's all worth it. her songs may not be new to my ears - disney and broadway - but listening to her live is an experience i always look back to when things get a bit out of control, and life becomes lovable again.


Random Student said...

so you've seen her miss saigon auditions on youtube when she was younger?

Emai said...

yep yep.. sobrang bata pa niya dun.. nakakatuwa :)