Thursday, February 6, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 25

We just had the International Cultural and Food Fair at the university which was participated by several faculties including Humanities and Social Sciences and International College. We hold this every year but this year is extra special. For one, it's the first time that Filipino food has a representation. Thanks to the ever energetic lady professor of Tourism from the International College. Another thing is that this is the first time I am attending that I can really relate and enjoy the occasion. I think I've made friends at the university over the year, which makes me feel a little more comfortable acting out of my comfort zone. Sad to say, in my five years of stay at the U, I kind of isolated myself for three years. But I am not doing that anymore. I am now more sociable and willing to do stuff other than teaching. I am now ready to party!

And... being open and more sociable means making yourself more open to possibilities. One of which is...

Viva Spain! (at itatago na lang kita sa pangalang horhe)

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