Monday, May 28, 2012

One Rainy Saturday Night

We went to a friend's house to have a mini gathering.

Owners of the house not on the pic

There should be the magic box to add drama to the mini gathering - on the bowl is adobo, a staple food for pinoys living abroad - err, at least in Thailand.

Yes, my buddies have agreed to meet one rainy Saturday for lack of something to do. That is, after raiding the mall for three consecutive nights, we decided to stay indoors and do something different. And since we consider ourselves the intellectual 'youth' with high opinions on politics and other events currently affecting the humanity, we whiled away the time by watching this:

We first thought of watching the latest episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya, but the trial won by a huge majority (like 4 of 5), so we tuned in to this. In fairness, the drama here is far better and 'real'. I had fun watching my favorite angry bird of a senator, Miriam Defensor Santiago, cut the Chief Justice short for not answering her question directly and objectively. I felt Senator Jinggoy Estrada's boredom, and I worried that he might have been experiencing a rise on his blodd pressure for he kept on holding the back of his neck. I can also recall how Senator Allan Cayetano treated the CJ with deference. For that, the former got my respect. There were other senators who did the examination but we got out of focus as the trial progressed. You can't blame us. It was too long, too boring, and full of unnecessary drama.

Last Wednesday, May 23, at the end of the CJs opening statement - which lasted for almost 4 hours - he arrogantly blurted the infamous line "and now the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused". Then he walked out of the plenary without a word surprising everybody including his chief counsel Justice Cuevas. Senate President Enrile ordered, and I am guessing while he's controlling so hard not to have heart attack out of dismay, to lock all the doors to prevent the CJ  from going out of the building. The head of the senate sgt. at arms halted the CJ and his wife and this was what transpired:

CJ: Are you arresting me?
Sgt. at Arms: Sir, you know very well that in any court of law, the judge (and he was cut short)
Mrs. Corona: Is this martial law?

And the honorable general kept quiet after hearing this.

Mr. and Mrs. Corona were very lucky that we're not the ones stopping them. If we were, the conversation would have gone like this:

CJ: Are you arresting me?
Sgt. at Arms: Sir, you know very well that in any court of law, the judge (and he was cut short)
Mrs. Corona: Is this martial law?
Sgt. at Arms: No, this is martial arts!

Then we would karatedo the couple directly on the head so the CJ didn't need to feign sickness to be rushed to the hospital for we'll make sure it's to the morgue the ambulance would take them!

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Denise said...

oh i miss my friends too.

back in college sa kwarto ko ang tambayan. i live far far far away from my parents so obviously my place was the coolest. Kami naman we watcg Bubble Gang every friday night and we buy andoks chicken and we're the happiest people! that was more than ten years ago. i miss our ten years ago everyday.