Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Day of Independent Living

It's rather strange that it's only now that I am feeling quite independent and living alone after almost a year of staying here in Thailand. For one, when I first came here, I was adopted by ate nory to her apartment. Having lived here for more than four years, she has in way gotten used to life here. She had everything ready for me - from toothpick to soap. However, she was 'called' to stay in Bangkok, some six hour drive from our little town of Khon Kaen. So, we had to part ways, her going to Bangkok and me transferring somewhere near the university where I teach. While I stayed with her, it didn't occur to me to invest on some few stuffs that would have come so handy now that I am alone. Who would have thought that a tiny knife or a cheap broom would make a big difference to your independent survival.

So, I went downtown after class to buy these:

1. salted egg for dinner
2. some tomatoes
3. mushrooms
4. shrimps (for my sunday meal)
5. milk
6. a bottle of grape juice
7. a small knife (to slice the tomatoes)
8. dipper (as in tabo)
9. padlock
10. broom

So far, I don't need anything else - yet. I know by tonight, I will have thought of something else I forgot to buy.

Tonight is officially my first night in solitude. I have a couple of friends who stayed with me last night, so I still felt easy. But tonight, it's different -- I will really be alone. I don't know if I'll be able to manage even a single wink when the lights go off, unlike my three companions who (which) have an easier time settling down.

Tweety, Buriks, and Pandakekok seem to be contented with their new place.

Also, I have an irrational fear of supernatural creatures. I swear, I think I can face a rapist but not a ghost. I am into this belief that you should make your enemies visible to you. I cannot do that with Casper no matter how friendly he is.

Pandakekok, hiding me from bad elements.

Anyway, I'll be staying at my new dorm for just a couple of days. I'm leaving for Manila next week, so I guess I can stand being alone for a few nights. And while waiting for that to happen, I.... (won't tell)

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