Thursday, April 2, 2009

I just got a new home...

I always thought it's always hard to move on when you're so used to how things are going about for so many months. It's hard to say goodbye, it always makes you cry. (kelangan talaga may rhyme) Until last night when I finally bade goodbye to my home of almost a year that I realized it's easier letting go of things when you set your heart and mind on it earlier on. (Siempre kunyari may patama ito sa lablayp - na hindi ko naman sinasadya, pramis!)

Anyway, ayun na nga, I moved out of my old home and transferred to a new one. Now I am going to start living alone.

From now own, this is only the place where I used to live. The name is Kongtong Mansion with a framed photo of Marcelo H. del Pilar look alike.. hehe

All settled na ang mga gamit ko. Walang kamalay malay si pandakekok kung bakit siya nakabalot.

My student, who helped me arrange a pick up truck for the transfer, loading my bicycle (and at the same time making fun of it) on the truck.

And finally, my new home!!!


tin rejano said...

akala ko may pic yung cute na boylet ng student mo...hahaha

Emai said...

andun siya sa may pick up binubuhat ung bike ko. ung naka orange.. hehe