Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's a pink world

sorry to BF (bayani fernando) haters, but i really like the color pink. you wouldn't know it by my personality (which is, yah) that i simply love with a capital LOVE color pink. i remember when i was in highschool (the best years! agree?) i and 2 other girlfriends decided that we should have our things in our fave color from bags down to hairclips. btw, i studied in a strict asylum where they require students to use plastics for bags (transparent bag) and black unfashionable ribbons for hair accessories. so there, i got all my things: comb, mirror, notebooks (when the teacher didn't require us to cover our notebook with certain colors - very popular in highschool. wonder what teachers got of it, eh), pens, etc. in different shades of pink. and if there's one thing that i never outgrew and have no plans of outgrowing, it is my passion for the color. go check my office and you see pink. go check my room and you see guess what? ahh pink! it's pink all over and it pleases me yeah!

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