Wednesday, June 23, 2010

surprise! surprise!

found this sitting by my office door yesterday...

hmm.. actually i wasn't really surprised to see it. a friend in china told me a few weeks back that she's sending me a 'surprise'.

pero, what's inside the package still remained a surprise... she just told me that when she saw it, she had this urge to buy it for me... and i wondered, hmm, what could that be? (i was actually thinking of anything pink - probably the holga 135bc i asked her about last time).

then.. tada!!!

It's a paint set: one fine brush, palette, and the most interesting item is the canvas with a pre-drawn rose complete with labelled segments so you'd know what color you need to use in which part. nakakaaliw!

and if i followed the instructions, the drawing should look like this.

one amazing thing in this gift, though, is that i realized that among my friends, it's only winnie who still remember one good hobby i had that even i have already forgotten.

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