Thursday, January 23, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 11

I am now under house arrest, thanks to the 10 degrees temperature. The flu may stay with me for a couple of days more, which means not being able to go to the university to perform my checking obligations. Good thing, I saw this coming and brought some exam papers with me yesterday. Yes, I finished all 80 writing exam papers and am ready to send the scores to my fellow lecturer. Now, ready to mark the reading papers!

With the completion of this task, I remember a story of a friend who's taking up her MS. She called her professor one day to say she's a bit indisposed and couldn't go to class. Her professor then replied that it's a good thing for her to just stay in her dorm and complete her thesis proposal. Once she completed it, she'd find joy in her heart and would feel well and recuperated. We found it silly and just laughed it off. Turns out, I am having my own doze of that medicine for I'm feeling better now that I'm done with the writing exams! Well, never undervalue the wisdom of a much senior colleague! :)

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