Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 came and went

... just like that!

I didn't even notice it tiptoed into and out of my consciousness. I can't remember a thing I accomplished or a goal reached. All I know is that I just did what I usually do, which is do nothing. Before I knew it, the year has bidden goodbye without a single noise  for me to wave adieu back. And so I am faced with a brand new year clueless of what I should do. Er, perhaps not really. I've always known it, only that laziness always takes the place of determination and wins. Now, God willing, I hope to accomplish a few things that have been long shelved somewhere. And I swear to this time set my heart to completing what I am about to start.

1. I will definitely work hard to finish my studies. It's being long overdue has taken a toll on my progress both personally and professionally.

2. Will continue my ASEAN collection tour! Been to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This year's a good time to set on a new journey in any of the rest of ASEAN countries I've not been to yet. I've got my eyes on Myanmar especially that it now has signed a bilateral agreement with the Philippines and Filipino tourists are granted a pass without priory applying for a visa. And I can only say yay to that. Singapore and Indonesia also sound very closely possible since I'm attending a conference in Singapore in April. Another fingers crossed on this!

Well, these are my short term plans and I'm writing them down to be a reminder of the things that I have had missed in the year I had been idle. I hope that 2014 won't pass that by too quickly, and that it would leave something for me to remember.

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