Tuesday, January 21, 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 9

My college friends had a mini get together last night, finally and sans moi. But I told them I'll be there via skype, only that I couldn't be there for long as I also had a live class in UPOU going on at the same time. Tzie, made me promise to ring her again because she had a "surprise". I initially thought it was a boylet she's going to introduce. Lo and behold, it's no other than Winnie the Eli straight from China visiting the Philippines. And boy was I so jealous that they were together in person! Of course, the night was once again filled with reminiscence of our college life - courses, professors, and other stuff. I'm also glad that I was present as we have this long time tradition of talking and making fun of someone who happens to be absent. So, poor is the one missing in the get together...

Why were they covering their faces, you ask? They just couldn't contain they laughter! 

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