Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's been more than a month since I promised myself to update this blog regularly and yet, yes, it's been more than a month!

Now I may be officially called a juggler. Not that I've finally learned the trick of throwing things in the air and catching them in such a fashion that will amaze any spectator. No, I've been juggling work and extra-curricular activities for weeks now. Thanks God for the activities that I can no longer determine which one I should do during my free time. Free time is plenty but things to do seem to be more. (At nasabi siyang free time?) Beside the 3 courses I coordinate (and I never coordinate courses in the 2nd semester in the previous four years of my tenure at the uni), I am slowly getting involved with uni activities that I never bothered to give a second look at before.

Yes.. this is incomplete because I am always lazy to think...

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